What is the ASR system in vehicles?  What does ASR do?

What is the ASR system in vehicles? What does ASR do?

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Tuesday, February 09, 2021 – 17:50 | Last Updated: 09 02 2021 – 17:50

There are many different systems in the vehicles in order to make a comfortable and safe journey. ASR stands out as one of the systems. So what is ASR, what does it do? How does the ASR system in vehicles work? Here are those who are curious about this.

The development of technology day by day also affects the vehicles. Different equipment is added to the vehicles every passing day, especially for a safer and more comfortable journey. Many people wonder what ASR is within the scope of the system included in these hardware.

What is ASR?

The ASR system is a braking system in cars. It is possible to say that it is a system used to prevent the vehicle from spinning during take-off. Thus, a much healthier and safer take-off opportunity is obtained, especially in cold weather. It stands out as a useful system added to vehicles in recent years.

What Does ASR Do?

With many different denominators in vehicles, the ASR system is widely used today. Although it stands out as a braking system at its base, it also brings many important benefits for vehicles.

– First of all, it prevents the vehicles from spinning during take-off.

– Interferes with the fuel injector and ignition system. Thus, it reduces the power of the engine.

– It provides the opportunity to protect the engine and many different equipment of the vehicle.

– Since it takes off without skidding, it provides more comfortable and comfortable driving.

– It prevents tire wear.

How Does the ASR System in Vehicles Work?

Pressing the accelerator suddenly or taking off in any situation causes the tires to skid. However, the ASR system detects this situation and allows the ABS hydraulics to be activated. Thus, the brakes on the wheels are applied and a healthy start is achieved.