Will car prices go down?  It became clear

Will car prices go down? It became clear

16 April 2021 0 By administrator

Friday, April 16, 2021 – 8:19 | Last Updated: 16 04 2021 – 8:19

Many people who buy a car turn to second-hand cars because of the price advantage. The second hand market started to get active with the arrival of spring. Due to the chip crisis in new vehicles, many companies decided to temporarily stop production. The production crisis in new cars causes used car prices to move upwards. Experts warn people who will buy second hand vehicles. Sector representatives comment that prices may rise again, as they did last year.

The car industry continues to grow in the first quarter of 2021, putting it above last year. After the developments in the first 3 months and the record in March, the voices of growth in the sector and return to the level of 1 million in the future have begun to be heard. However, the re-increase of coronavirus measures, the chip crisis causing even greater shutdowns, may lead to the second hand, causing problems in the zero car. While a slight decrease is expected with the significant increase in coronavirus restrictions in Ramadan, it is stated that online shopping channels may rise and a significant increase can be observed again after Ramadan.


Especially after the big manufacturers faced this problem, the most serious impact came with the statement made by Ford Otosan two days ago. The company emphasized that the semiconductor supply shortage experienced due to the earthquake and fire in Japan has increased to a much greater level. Due to these negativities, he announced that he stopped production at the Gölcük factory until June 13, however, it will continue its production in İnönü and Kocaeli plants. The possibility of adding other brands to this statement is also on the agenda. This, in turn, means the problem of supply to the potential, as experienced by brands that experienced production restrictions in the summer months, when demand increased significantly last year, and an increase in second-hand sales and prices again.


There has been a decline in prices in the used car market since November last year. Although there was a serious demand for new car sales in the first 2 months, it was not possible to say the same for the second hand. Turkey Statistics Institute (TUIK), in January, according to data from 380 thousand 109, while in February 407 thousand 257adet used cars and year light commercial vehicles were sold in the late meant an immediate contraction of 50 percent over the same period. Prices also fell with declining demand. Since the end of March, spring has come for both online sites and corporate second-hand companies. Sales started to rise. However, it is also on the agenda that prices are rising together with this increase in demand and supply problems.


Garenta and ikinciyeni.com General Manager Emre Ayyıldız, evaluating the increment of prices in second-hand cars, said that the prices decreased by 20 percent in four months and that the increase trend would continue with the arrival of the spring months. Ayyıldız said, “The Covid-19 epidemic and most importantly, the high course of loan rates are the main reasons for this contraction. With the arrival of the spring months and the intense vaccination program, we can say that the demand for automotive has started to occur again. “We think that an increase in sales will be achieved with the ease of access to finance for consumers.” (Liberty)