Will sell $ 1 billion second hand vehicle!

Will sell $ 1 billion second hand vehicle!

28 March 2021 0 By administrator

vavacars founder and CEO Lawrence Merritt set permanently to be in Turkey and stated what is a brand that targets growth .. In the period until the date of its establishment in March 2019 constitute 48% of the total car park in Turkey four major cities in 22 vehicles recruitment center opens and all across Turkey this number in 2021, said they plan to double the centers will be opened in new provinces Merritt said they have successfully completed the mission pilot countries as an international company.
From 10 million to 110 million

Having made a turnover of 10 million dollars in the first year of its establishment, VavaCars managed to achieve a turnover of 110 million dollars in 2020, when it faced pandemic conditions with the whole world and our country. Stating that they have increased the number of vehicles bought by 639% since the first day they started serving, Merritt stated that the number of preliminary evaluations received in one month from their website is over 100,000. Thanks to modern and superior quality of service offered in Turkey that they be recognized in a short time and attention they adopt by care most needed by the sensitivity of the sector in Merritt, simplicity, transparency, modernity, innovation and the ways indispensable values ​​such as unity speed they would continue unabated, he said.

2023 goal is $ 1 billion

The economic volume of 2nd hand car market in Turkey is very large and it’s a great market attention is not a clear leader vavacars CEO 2023 targets in explaining sector “most reliable leading brands” stressed that they want to be. Turkey and Pakistan set for the operations of the $ 1 billion turnover target of 85% share in Turkey consisting of the planning of digital sales will begin in retail shareholders is expected to be 1-2%.

Demand boom is imminent

VavaCars CEO said, “Even though 2021 has been a slow start in the second hand, we expect the pegging demand to explode with the summer months and continue unabated until the end of the year, as we have seen in 2020. We anticipate that the prices will be more stable compared to 2020, thereby increasing the number of sales. The companies that can provide the most sales promotions and payment facilities will win. On the other hand, possible problems in the supply of new vehicles, the tightening of postponed demand to the spring and summer period, the relaxation of travel restrictions, and the effects of the increasing demand with the holiday and holiday season may cause an increase in prices. There is currently a suitable time and opportunity to purchase a vehicle. We believe that 2021 will be a year with 6.4 million sales in 2020. With a 10-15% drop in prices, it’s still time to buy a car with cash buying power or a small loan. ”