Will the prices of second-hand cars decrease?  And it became clear

Will the prices of second-hand cars decrease? And it became clear

19 April 2021 0 By administrator

AA | Monday, April 19, 2021 – 16:47 | Last Updated: 19 04 2021 – 16:47

Many people planning to buy a car postponed these plans due to the pandemic process and the increase in prices. Especially those who want to buy second-hand cars expect the prices to decrease. So, will second-hand car prices decrease in the coming period? Due to the chip crisis in zero vehicles for a long time, production disruptions were experienced in the automotive sector. The chip crisis continues. The fact that production came to a halt led to an increase in prices. This negativity in zero searches caused a price increase in second hand car prices, albeit a little. Those who want to own a car wonder whether the price increase will continue. Bursa Auto Dealer Chamber Chairman Yanık warned that there may be increases in the used vehicle market today, contrary to the expectations for a decrease in prices.

It concerns everyone who is thinking of buying a car. An important statement was made regarding the prices of used cars. Bursa Auto Galericiler Chamber President Hakan Burns, a new type of coronavirus began in March last year in Turkey (Kovid-19) due to the outbreak of the postponement of investments, said many of the people affected sector.

Emphasizing that the market has entered a serious stagnation period since the beginning of the year after the rise in used vehicle prices last year on the pretext of the epidemic, Yanık continued his words as follows:

“It is time to buy fully second-hand vehicles in the market right now. There is an expectation of a decrease in second-hand vehicle prices. Because they are trying to put people in that mood. There is no serious decrease in the second hand. Before we can make a decrease, the prices of zero vehicles must decrease. Despite the decreases in the dollar in recent months. There is no decrease in the prices of new vehicles and it has increased more. The cheaper of the second hand of a raised product is not seen anywhere in the world. If you buy a vehicle, buy it immediately. Get it from the right place and by showing the right expertise. Do not give your money to the other party before the sale is completed.Don’t believe those who say that the prices will decrease. . Because the people and institutions representing this job are clear. The statement made by a person passing through the street will mislead you. The day is the day to acquire property. “


Yanık stated that vehicles have become the most important and indispensable object of life.

Pointing out that the period of buying a car is over while preparing for a holiday in the summer or because the holiday is approaching, Yanık said, “Those who have money and think to buy a car should buy it immediately. The season of the vehicle is out, it has become a constant need. Because of the coronavirus, people now use their own vehicles rather than public transport. In this respect, vehicles have become more important. Everyone who has money tends to buy vehicles. said.

Hakan Yanık suggested that consumers do price research on the internet, visit galleries and auto markets and buy vehicles.

Noting that citizens should not postpone their needs, Yanık said:

“At the moment, the second-hand automobile industry is going in its normal course and it seems inclined to rise. We definitely do not approve of rising as dealer tradesmen. Because we see the biggest loss. For example, we buy the same car that we sold for 30 thousand liras for 40 thousand liras. Our citizens are not harmed. I advise him to do his trade as soon as possible without waiting. I don’t think there will be a decrease in prices. The course of the market is that way. “

Warning the buyers not to send money by bargaining over the internet, Yanık added that there are those who suffer from this issue.